Bass Guitar Tuition Rates

All bass guitar tuition rates listed below are inclusive of GST.

Buy a 3 Lesson Trial Pass – SAVE 60%

A trial pass can be purchased here and I will give you your first 3 x 30 minute lessons for just $50 + GST. The 3 trial pass lessons will be scheduled weekly over 3 consecutive weeks at a regular time slot in person at my studio. The trial pass is only available for new students (Limit 1 per student). After you purchase your 3 lesson trial pass, you will receive full instructions via email about preparing for your lessons, what to bring and a student evaluation sheet.


Normally $135 (ex GST)
SAVE over 60%
$55 (incl GST)

Individual Bass Lessons

Pay by 30 min lesson 60 min lesson
Pay weekly as you go (Cash only) $45 $75
Pay per term. (Approx 10 lessons per term. See below for dates.) $38.50 $66

GST of 10% is included  in the above rates

Shared Bass Lessons

I offer a limited number of shared bass lessons time slots every week. Class size is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3. Shared bass lesson are only offered on a term by term basis.

Pay by 30 min lesson 60 min lesson
Pay per term per student. (Approx 10 lessons per term.) $28 $45

GST of 10% is included in the above rates

Short Courses

I run 6 week intensive short courses consisting of six (6) x 2 hour sessions. Class size maximum of 4. Current Courses: Fast Track Slap Bass & Building a Song Repertoire to Start Gigging. $480 plus GST per course. Course materials provided.

Tuition Payment Methods

Payment of tuition fees are paid at the beginning of the lesson for weekly pay as you go students in cash only. Tuition fees for a term is due and payable by the first lesson in the first week of each school term. Cash is the only accepted payment for pay as you go weekly students. I accept cash, EFT or credit card (Visa or Master Card only) for payment of term fees. Our preferred method is EFT bank transfer. A processing fee of 2% will be added to all credit card payments.

If you are earning an income from music, then you may be able to claim a tax deduction for bass lessons. Check with your accountant or the Australian Tax Office.

Paying By Terms

Payment amounts for term bass lesson tuition can be calculated by multiplying the number of weeks by the pay per term lesson rate (above). Eg: Term 3 for 30 minute lessons is $35+GST x 10 (weeks) is a total of $350 plus GST. Amount payable is $385 including GST.

2018 Victoria School Holidays and Term Dates

Period Start Finish Length
 Term 1  Tuesday 29 January, 2019  Friday 5 April, 2019  10 weeks
 Term 2  Tuesday 23 April, 2019  Friday 28 June, 2019  10 weeks
 Term 3  Monday 15 July, 2019  Friday 20 September, 2019  10 weeks
 Term 4  Monday 7 October, 2019  Friday 20 December, 2019  11 weeks

Mid-term enrollments are billed on a pro-rata basis for the remaining weeks in a term.


24 hours notice is required by pay as you go students to cancel a lesson without the charge for that lesson. You may opt to arrange and pay for a make-up lesson that week if you wish. A maximum of 2 cancellations per term is permitted. After that the lesson fee is payable.

24 hours notice is required by term paying students to cancel a lesson in order to receive a make-up lesson within that term. Please assume the onus to book in a time for a make-up lesson within the same term. Doubling a lesson time in the same term is another option for make-up lessons and can be arrange if time is available.  A maximum of 2 cancellations per term is permitted. After 2 cancellations in a term, any further cancelled lessons are forfeited.

Buy A Trial Pass & Get Started on Bass Today!

trial-pass-3-bass-lessons-buy Normally $135 (ex GST)
SAVE over 60%
$55 (incl GST)