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Anthony Jackson is the bass players' bassist. I subconsciously think of him in a class above world class. For me, he's always been there. A consummate perfectionist, his bass lines have graced many popular widely known songs, yet very few would actually know that it was Jackson playing bass on the recording. An example of [...]

Do you ever dream about achieving big things for yourself? Do you think about how you could do better in something you are pursuing? Do you wonder why you are not getting the result you want for yourself? The true power of our own thoughts and words are often lost in today's busy world that's [...]

The Time I Met Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller, a world renowned bassist, has had a huge influence on most bass players all around the world in the last quarter of a century. Born in 1959, Marcus is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who was classically trained on clarinet. With incredible musical facility he has an extensive list of artists he has worked with, [...]

A live telecast from the Princess Theatre of The Hairspray cast & band performing on Hey Hey Its Saturday In this video clip, Jeremy is on a Fender Jazz 5 string bass playing live with the Hairspray band. The finale and hit song of Hairspray, “You Can’t Stop The Beat” was performed and recorded live [...]