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Monday, January 20, 2003
[STUDENT TESTIMONIAL] To Whom It May Concern: 

When I started bass lessons with Jeremy back in late Nov 2000, my playing at the time was at a level where I couldn’t read, write or play more complex rhythms. Basically I’d been playing in a rock cover band for just over three years, and I’d just work songs out by ear.My first lesson came around and we started with a couple of rhythm pieces, basic reading and the C major scale. After the lesson, by the way Jeremy had approached it, I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for in the quest to know my instrument better, everything from performance right through all the theory, it was all good.Over the next 1 1/2 years we covered a lot of different subjects from articulations, time signatures, walking lines, chords, slapping, knowing my way around the neck, reading, writing to many more little exercises that always help. One of the good tricks Jeremy would do to see if you’d been practicing. At the start of a lesson he’d ask you how you went with the homework. For example, if it was a walking line, he’d just count in at a tempo which is usually faster than you’d been practicing at which was fun. It made you really think, I course after a while I’d learn my homework at different tempos to cover most of the areas.

At the start of 2002, I wrote out my goals for the year and showed Jeremy. One of them was to maybe play in a musical. Jeremy got a gig with The Wiz, which he gave me most of the shows. “Man, I tell you your reading goes up 100% when you play a show.” It was the best thing Jeremy could have done for me. Put me under the pump. Since Jeremy had heaps of theatre experience, he gave me all the secrets on how the musicals worked. You could say an inside look.

About August of 2002 I decided to audition for the Victorian College of The Arts (VCA). So for the rest of the year I’d work on some pieces to get them up to par for the audition. A lot of work went into solos and improvisation, which I’m still very new to. The other piece was a slap solo and I just needed to get the rhythms right. We worked on this by breaking down each bar to the basics and then building on it from there. It was a fantastic way of approaching any type of new music. This is a skill I still use all the time.

I auditioned for The VCA and was accepted into the one-year foundation program, which leads into the three year Diploma of Arts (Music) course.

It’s good to look back on my level of playing before lessons compared to where Jeremy has got me to. Of course, the amount of time I put into my playing instead of going out made my progression faster I think. It never felt like I over studied because I’m so into my music. I could study all day and not blink an eyelid. I love it!

Jeremy has been a fantastic teacher from the first lesson all the way through my development as a musician. He has shown me that you can make music a career if you approach it the right way and are prepared to put in the hours. I have the utmost respect for Jeremy and the way he teaches. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to further his or her career. Even if it’s just for one certain style of music. He’s all over it.

Jeremy’s a great friend and also a role model for myself.
Thank you Jeremy.

Darren Steel
Bass student Nov 2000 – Jan 2003


2 December 2001

[From Director of Music] To Whom it May Concern:

l have known Jeremy LaBrooy for a period of seven years during which time he has been involved as both a musician and teacher in musical ventures of which I have been a chief player and instigator.I first had occasion to work with Jeremy in my capacity of Musical Director of JOINING the CHORUS, the Performing Arts Unit of the Department of Education, Employment and Training. Jeremy was employed for the foJlowing four biennial productions mounted by JOINING the CHORUS as the bass guitarist within the orchestra. In performing these duties, he proved himself to be not only a formidable musician, but also someone in whom complete trust could be given, and in whom a sense of consummate professionalism is evident. He always approached his work with a sense of diligence, displaying great competence and a willingness to do the job in the most obliging manner.Since my appointment as Director of Music at Haileybury College, the need had arisen for the appointment of a bass guitar teacher; Jeremy was my first choice. His rapport with the students of the JOINING the CHORUS orchestra recommended him to me, and this rapport has readily transferred to those students with whom he works at the school. I believe his approachability and affability are hallmarks of his demeanour. This is a decided asset in working in teams.

In summary, Jeremy is a consummate professional, and I commend him to you without reservation.

Yours sincerely
Steven Bowler
Director of Music



Friday, January 31, 2003

VCE Solo Performance 3 & 4When I began with Jeremy my aspirations were to get a reasonably good score on my VCE Solo Electric Bass studies, and with Jeremy’s help, I did.I also wanted to improve my technical ability to a standard that was acceptable to get into VCE Solo Electric Bass 3+4, and be competitive. While I was being taught by Jeremy he was actually giving me more confidence in my playing in front of an audience, by letting me play my pieces to him, and this was a definite advantage when it came to my 25 minute performance at the end of the year.Jeremy gave me great assistance in choosing my pieces from the Bass Syllabus to play in my recital, and he chose wisely in regards to what style I was into playing, and what pieces would make up a great recital. He also arranged the pieces in a certain sequence, in order for me to make the best impression I could on the judges.

When I was in need of professional musicians to accompany me in my playing, Jeremy immediately started ringing around and I ended up with a great drummer who enhanced my performance by 100%.

Also, Jeremy raised my knowledge of theory and standard notation reading to the level needed to do well in Music Solo Performance 3 & 4.
Oh I do love Jeremy..eheheeh

Shane Andison
Caulfield Grammar School 2003

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