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Easy Songs To Play On The Bass Guitar

By Jeremy LaBrooy | Infomation

Sep 04
Easy Bass guitar songs

Learning to play bass guitar is an exciting journey that’s filled with the thrill of creating soulful, rhythmic melodies. Here are three reasons why learning songs on the bass is fun and really important for beginner bass players:

  1. Musical Expression: Through songs you can express your unique musicality. They enable you to convey emotions, rhythm, and style, turning your bass guitar into a tool for artistic self-expression.
  2. Skill Development: Learning songs helps you build essential bass guitar techniques, such as finger dexterity, rhythm, and timing. These skills are the foundation for your growth as a bass player.
  3. Enjoyment & Inspiration: Mastering songs provides a sense of accomplishment and keeps you motivated on your musical journey. Plus, playing your favorite tunes is just awesome fun!

Easy Bass Guitar Songs:

ON my other website BassicTraining.com I have written a post called Songs For Bass Beginners. It lists 18+ beginner bass guitar songs with original artists videos so you can have a listen to all straight up on one page.

Here are the those easy bass guitar songs:

These songs cover a wide range of styles and difficulty levels, providing valuable learning opportunities for bass guitar beginners.

  1. Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen: This iconic Queen song, featuring a thumping bassline written by John Deacon, is a must-learn for beginners, showcasing a departure from Queen’s typical anthems into the world of disco and funk.
  2. Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson: With a simple yet irresistible bass riff played over three frets and two strings, this Michael Jackson hit is an excellent choice for beginners looking to play by ear.
  3. Money” by Pink Floyd: Known for its unusual 7/4 time signature, this Pink Floyd track offers a unique opportunity for bassists to break away from standard 4/4 rhythms.
  4. Stand By Me” by Ben E. King: A classic and easy-to-play bass riff makes “Stand By Me” an ideal choice for beginners, as it holds down the rhythm while the melody weaves its magic.
  5. Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac: Featuring a simple bass vamp on two notes, this song is perfect for practicing rhythm and playing in the pocket alongside the drummer.
  6. La Grange” by ZZ Top: This timeless ZZ Top song, often used in various media for intense and adventurous scenes, provides a steady rhythm challenge for bassists.
  7. Back In Black” by AC/DC: A driving bassline supports this AC/DC masterpiece, emphasizing the bassist’s role as the pillar of support in the song’s structure.
  8. Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift: With a straightforward bass part, this song is perfect for beginners looking to explore higher frets and long-sustained notes.
  9. Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie: This song highlights the bass line’s importance from the intro onward, making it one of the best bass lines in rock and an excellent choice for beginners.
  10. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship: This song’s bassline emphasizes time divisions and groove, making it a fun choice for bassists looking to lay down a solid rhythm.
  11. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” by Pink Floyd: Featuring a bassline that leaves space in the low end interspersed with sparse notes, this song serves as a great jamming opportunity for bassists.
  12. Crazy In Love” by Beyonce: Demonstrating the bass guitar’s versatility in various song sections, this hit showcases how bassists can drive a song or create a mellower vibe.
  13. My Girl” by The Temptations: This classic soul song allows the bass to shine as it leads from the front, setting the stage for the track’s emotional depth.
  14. Take Me To The River” by Talking Heads: With its changing bassline during the pre-chorus, this song offers a beginner-friendly yet creatively satisfying experience for bassists.
  15. Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder: Stevie’s genius is evident in this song, with its relatively unchanging bassline providing an excellent platform for learning and groove exploration.
  16. Soul Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones: A simple and fun bassline characterizes this instrumental piece, making it accessible for bassists without sheet music or tabs.
  17. Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads: Despite its mature artistic quality, this song offers a straightforward bassline that’s easy to follow for beginners.
  18. Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire: This song’s infectious bassline contributes to its worldwide success, making it a fantastic choice for any bassist looking to have a good time.

FAQs about Learning Easy Bass Guitar Songs:

  1. What are easy bass guitar songs for beginners?
    • Easy bass guitar songs for beginners are typically those with straightforward bass lines and uncomplicated chord progressions. These songs are perfect for honing your skills as a novice bassist.
  2. How can I find easy bass guitar songs to practice?
    • You can discover easy bass guitar songs through online tutorials, sheet music, or by asking experienced bassists for recommendations. Many websites and books offer curated lists of beginner-friendly songs.
  3. Do I need music theory knowledge to learn songs on bass guitar?
    • While some music theory understanding can be helpful, it’s not a strict requirement for playing easy bass guitar songs. You can start by learning songs by ear and gradually delve into theory as you progress.
  4. Should I focus on one song at a time or learn multiple songs simultaneously?
    • Beginners often benefit from focusing on one song at a time to build proficiency. As you become more comfortable, you can incorporate multiple songs into your practice routine.
  5. How do I know when it’s time to move on to more challenging songs?
    • Once you can play easy bass guitar songs confidently and smoothly, you’re ready to explore more complex pieces. Progress at your own pace and challenge yourself when you feel comfortable.

Learning songs on the bass guitar is not only a fantastic way to enjoy your musical journey but also an essential step toward becoming a skilled and versatile bassist. So, pick up your bass and start grooving to the rhythms of your favorite tunes!

About the Author

Jeremy LaBrooy is a bassist, composer, teacher and producer from Melbourne, Australia.